Saturday, April 7, 2012

A Girl and Her Pigs

Do you remember Willie and Waylon?
My daughter raised them to show at our county livestock show.

They finished out at 230 and 233 pounds.

She learned a lot about raising swine.

How to check their weight.

How to feed and water them.
How to bathe and clip them.
And how to exercise them.

She also learned how smart they are.
And, that Waylon was as gentle and affectionate as a puppy dog.

She learned how to load them up.

And how to show them in the ring.

And she learned, 

how to say goodbye...

1 comment:

fullhouse said...

Such a sweet post... made me cry. I have a 14 yr old nephew who absolutely cried the moment he had to give up his beloved pig to the county fair.
Would love nothing more than to someday have a farm such as yours. I enjoy your blog and follow via RSS feeds.
Thank you for sharing your world. :)