Sunday, October 6, 2013

Little baby ducks...

So yesterday my daughter and I were driving home from the mall
and she sees on facebook that a friend of her's, that lives one road down from us,
is selling mallard duckings.

She didn't have to beg me very long to let her buy two.
And, try as he might, Daddy doesn't usually say no when both of his girls ask for something. :-)

And now we have two, three day old, baby ducklings -
Donald and Daffy. :-)

So far they are messier AND noisier than baby chicks!
And we had to remove the pine shavings in the brooder already
because they were eating it and that's not good.
We have them on a towel now.

And Tom T. Hall's voice singing,
"I love little baby ducks..."
has been in my head all day. :-)

From The Farm Blog Hop


Bonnie K said...

I love little baby ducks too...

Kathy C said...


I love your farm.

I love little baby ducks,
Old pick-up trucks,
Slow movin trains, and rain.

I love little country streams,
Sleep without dreams,
Sunday school in May, and hay.

And I love you too.

(I actually love Sunday school ALL YEAR!)

Mrs. H. said...

Love you, too, Kathy! <3