Thursday, June 12, 2014

Mexican Chopped Salad

Ah, me and a mexican salad get along like peas and carrots…
or, uh, corn and black beans. ;-)

I made the dressing from this recipe.  SO good!  I also got the idea to cook the corn inside the husk in the microwave. Who knew?!  It worked like a charm and it was the easiest corn I have shucked, EVER.
 I love, love fresh corn.  I can eat it like candy.

For the rest of the salad I used -
chopped romaine 
black beans
red onions
zucchini (I cook mine just a bit - my tummy doesn't like raw squash)
and the corn.

Toss it all together and dig in!

I just loved everything about this salad.  
I will definitely be making it again! :-)

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Anonymous said...

This looks beautiful. I love salads full of vegetables and color. Great Pictures too.