Monday, November 10, 2014

~One Pot Pasta~

This. Was. Yummy.

I was very skeptical, but so glad I finally tried the 
"one pot pasta" recipe I've seen all over Pinterest. 
Turns out, it's actually a Martha Stewart recipe.

The recipe was right up my alley from the start 
because it uses all fresh ingredients.

You place linguine, onions, garlic, 
tomatoes, and herbs in a pot.

Then you add olive oil, seasonings, and water and bring to a rolling boil.

Keep it at a gentle boil and stir for 10 minutes.
That's it!

What you get, though, is much more than the simple ingredients would lend you to expect.
The pasta is very flavorful and a rich, creamy sauce just seems to come out of nowhere!

Top with your favorite Italian cheese
(freshly grated parmesan at my house)
and you have a simply delicious 
one pot pasta supper!


1 comment:

Carrie B. said...

Hey there Mrs.H!

I saw this recipe too and wasn't sure about it either. I'm so glad you tried it out with great success so now I may be brave enough to do the same.

I love the recipes you share and have used several of them. I love your blog and what you share about your home life (especially country living with chickens and all of your critters, your cooking, and crafts). My love for blogs like yours inspired me to put myself out there on my own blog. I'm so green and have a lot to learn (it's pretty basic right now) but I'll get there. My big passion is scrapbooking and paper crafts (as well as cooking and baking too). I would love if you get a chance please check it out and I value any input or wisdom you'd have to share.
Thanks so much!