Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Choice #2 - blue gingham valance


Still Learning said...

Do you have any other blue in your kitchen? If so that would be fine, have you considered a nice burgandy that has a pretty pattern with pops of blue in it? Or even a pretty pale gold backdrop that has a nice pattern with lots of blue in it. Sorry to be nosy but I own a home decor store... see lots of those patterns. Curtains are a great place to create exictement in the home and make a statement. They aren't expensive either. Just looking in, your blog always cheers me up. Good luck with your choices!

Mrs. H said...

Still Learning - thank you so much for your suggestions. I really appreciate them, especially coming from a home decor store owner! I will definately keep your ideas in mind as I continue to deliberate! I'm so glad that you find cheer at my blog - thank you for telling me that! I like to encourage and cheer up people in "real life", and if I can do that through my blog, too, it would just tickle me to pieces. Thank you so much for visiting me.