Sunday, June 8, 2008

Supper Menus
June 9th-12th

oregano lemon chicken, rice stuffed tomatoes, elegant artichokes
salsa chicken, spanish rice, black beans
ravioli with tomato sauce, garlic bread sticks, green salad
steak and cheese sandwiches on onion buns, home fries

Please visit
Menu Plan Monday at for more menu plans.


Betsy said...

Yum, great menu!

HarrisMomma said...

Where do you get your menu ideas? It seems like you are always planning something new?

Mrs. H said...

Hey Lauren,
I've subscribed to Taste of Home magazine for years and a lot of my menu ideas come from there. I keep all the current months' issues in a binder in the kitchen so I can flip through them for seasonal inspiration. I try (not always successful!) to set aside some time on Sunday afternoons to look through my binder and cookbooks and plan our menus for the week. This is the time of the year that I have a little more time for planning and cooking with our break from homeschooling. This fall I'll be back to my old standbys - lots of crock pot things! :-)

Laura said...

Yum, everything you have planned sounds so good! I'll have to give salsa chicken a try!