Saturday, July 26, 2008

Morning Beauty

I just love my Phaltzgraff Yorktowne dishes! I thought they looked so pretty sitting in the sunlight as I was unloading the dishwasher this morning. When I picked out these dishes as a young bride, I didn't realize how much something so simple would mean to me over the years. I have to thank my mom for guiding me in choosing a practical, timeless pattern. I just hope one day, years down the road, that my children and my children's children can sit down to a meal in my kitchen and just the sight of these dishes will say "home" to them :-)


Still Learning said...

Mrs. H, we are thinking alike today!! I was looking at my dishes this morning & thinking how much I don't like them anymore & how much I would just love to have those simple corelle white dishes my mom always had. Everytime I see them I remember my childhood home. Funny.

I saw your recipe for lemon chicken.... yummy.... I am writing it down. I sooooo hate to cook. Your family is sooo lucky.
Have a blessed day,


Anonymous said...

I have those same dishes!!! My grandmother gave them to me a couple years ago. She got new, well she's an antique's dealer so they are new to her, dishes and asked if I needed any and I said yes, please. I love these dishes so much. I really like your crocks behind the dishes.

~Mrs. Farrah

Kelli said...

Those are lovely dishes, Mrs. H! I hope you and your family are having a wonderful weekend together.