Saturday, October 11, 2008

Napkin Folding

My daughter was taught a nice way to fold a napkin at her last 4H meeting. She would like to share the instructions with you!

Start with a square napkin.

Fold it in half.

And fold it in half again.

Fold down the first corner.

And then fold down the second...

...and third corners.

Pick up the napkin and turn it over.

Then fold one corner in...

...and then the other corner.

Turn it over again. Now your napkin is complete and... have a pocket to put your silverware in! Fun!


Kelli said...

Your daughter did a wonderful job! Such a cute napkin fold.

Christa said...

Thank your daughter for sharing her talent with us.

HDMac said...

I used to always fold our napkins so nicely when I was a kid... It makes a table look so nice and finished! She did a great job!