Wednesday, December 3, 2008

At Christmastime

Sing a song of Christmas,
Oh holly, green and red,
Of icy, windy weather
Just right for skate and sled.

Sing a song of Christmas,
Oh candlelight aglow,
Of cookies and plum puddings,
Of freshly fallen snow.

Sing a song of Christmas
As shoppers homeward go,
Of cherry yule logs blazing,
Of stockings in a row.

Sing a song of Christmas,
Star-spangled skies above;
Christmas bells are ringing
Sweet songs of peace and love.

Sing a song of Christmas
May laughter, love, and cheer
Possess our hearts on Christmas day
And through a bright New Year.

~Elizabeth Weaver Winstead
Ideals Christmas

illustration courtesy of
"Christmas Tree" by Albert Chevallier Tayler


Melinda said...

I love those words! Also love your new header picture!

Mrs. H. said...

Thank you Melinda - the Mr. and Mrs. Claus in the picture were painted by my grandmother the year I was born. :-)

Farrah said...

I really like that poem/song. Thank you for sharing!

I too, like the new pictures!

Anonymous said...

I like the poem!
Here's a site you'll probably like.

~the Rural Canadian

Scott and Kerri said...

I love the poster and the poem. Those old fashioned pictures from allposters are the best!
Thank you for sharing:)

P.S. I know its not the 4th but I made your Firecracker Casserole to warm us up :) DELICIOUS!!!!!