Saturday, February 14, 2009

Surprise! :-)

It's a Valentine's Day giveaway!

Because I love and appreciate the readers that follow
Heritage Schoolhouse, I put all of the followers names in a bowl
and drew one to win a delicious smelling
"Fresh Strawberry Pie" candle!

And the winner is...

You can visit Jayme, the sweet new mom, at her blog.
Congratulations, Jayme - if you would like to accept your prize, please leave your e-mail address in the comments.

Thank you to everyone that stops by Heritage Schoolhouse - your comments brighten my days so much!
Happy Valentine's Day!


Kristy said...

Your Valentine's Day recipes look delicious. I think the holidays must be so festive at your home. I would love to do more here, but right now, I feel so tired and busy with my two little ones...and a history project due Friday for the oldest! Guess what? My hubby gave me Calphalon pans for my birthday! He came on my favorite sites that I had marked and looked at your pans! I was and am so excited! Thanks for your posts!

Jayme Soller said...

Yea!!!!! I never win anything :)

Thank so so much. Candles are my FAV!!!!!

Jayme Soller said...

Hope you had a wonderful Valentines day :)