Monday, March 30, 2009

Working up a plan for Spring Cleaning ~
let's start April 1st! :-)

"He is the happiest, be he king or peasant,
who finds peace in his home."

~Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

illustration courtesy of
"Spring" by Max Weber


Lady Farmer said...

I started my spring cleaning today!
My plan was for a room a day, but, I am only half-way through my first room - the study/sewing room. You will probably catch up and overtake me at this rate!

Kim said...

I'll be ready on April 1st!

Giggles said...

Me too! I really need the help and incentive!

Mrs. H. said...

Yay Lady Farmer! You go girl! You are way ahead! :-)

Yay Kim and Giggles! We can do it - a little a day goes a long way! (I just made that up - ha!)

Have a great day y'all and make your lists!