Sunday, July 26, 2009


Attending the final game
of the 2009 World Football Challenge
was a huge treat for my soccer loving family.
It was the first professional soccer game I had ever attended.
A great game pitted the English team "Chelsea FC" vs. Mexico's "Club America".
We were cheering for Chelsea
and they won the game 2-0 and the tournament.

I really enjoyed the game and so did my family.

But what is the real reason for this big grin?! ;-)
The game was held at the brand new Dallas Cowboys stadium! :-)
And I was super excited to be there and take home a family set of
2009 Inaugural Season Cowboys cups.
It's the little things... ;-)

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texasmcvays said...

Hey Girlie,
If you get a chance you need to go to a soccer game in a country other then America. You will be amazed at the different atmosphere...its wild it makes a Raider Football game look like a church bake sale!
I'm glad you all had fun!!!
Big O'le upper V Love,