Thursday, November 12, 2009

Easy Bible Class Song Visuals

After starting a new congregation of the Lord's church 3 1/2 years ago, I taught children's Bible class where I was needed. At first, that meant teaching a group of children with ages spanning babies to teen. As our church body grew, and we added additional children and teachers, we were able to separate the children into more age appropriate classes - a babies to 5 years class, an elementary class, and a jr. high to high school class. I taught for a time in each age level. But, just recently we've been able to add my favorite class - ages 3 to 5! Preschoolers!!! :-) Love them. :-)

I've been working on songs for the past few weeks and thought I'd share how I make some very simple and useful visuals.

All you need is some colorful poster board, typing paper, a computer, scissors and a glue stick.

The children recognize the song we're about to sing when they see the little picture "clues" I put on the front.

I put the words on the back for me.

We sing a song about the memory verse
(or "Bible words" as I say with the little ones)
that we are learning.

I made this song poster with an opening,
so I can change out the memory verse
each month or each quarter.

And, again, the words are on the back.

As I think of songs that I want to have in my collection, I add them.

The money spent to have them laminated is worth every penny,
since they will last through years and years of use!

We also have songs to help with memory work,
like learning the books of the Bible
and the names of the twelve apostles.

A picture clue on the front for the children.

And the words to the songs on the back.

It's nice to have songs to review lessons, too.
I put a picture that the children will recognize from the story
on the front and singing the song
helps them to remember details from the story.

A little time spent on these visuals now
provides years of enjoyment.
It's also really nice to have these songs ready to go when
asking someone to teach for you during an absence!


Anonymous said...

I was so excited to see your post on Sunday School. I, too, teach little ones.....ages 2-kindergarten. I love them at this age.

Thanks for the card hints. I am always looking for ways to make my teaching easier and more meaningful for my kids. Where do you get your Sunday School lessons from? Do you have a set curriculum or do you just wing it?

Love from one pre-school teacher to another. Debbi

Mrs. H. said...

Hi Debbi,

The curriculum that we are currently using comes from Lambert Book House publishers. I have enjoyed using it. I especially like the teacher's manual and that the curriculum comes with a coloring page for each lesson. That has been so helpful in prepartaion time! Not having to search on-line or create my own coloring page. And of course the songs that come with the curriculum that I put on the cards to use in class.

I hope to post other Bible class ideas and things that have worked for me over the years as I remember to and as time allows! :-)