Saturday, June 11, 2011


My talented Daddy (builder of the hearth bench and the barnyard stool)
made a beautiful, heirloom chess board for our family for Christmas. 
On his last visit he brought me a little matching
box he had built...

to hold the chess pieces. 

The chess board is getting a lot of use this summer!
My son and I decided to start a summer long chess match.
Every time we finish a game, we just start another 
and play whenever we both have time.
Nine games in so far...
I'm down by one game. 
He's good.

He's been good for awhile. :-)


Kerri said...

That is so beautiful Laurie. What a family heirloom! I don't play chess but David does, and I think he is pretty good at it too. My brother gave me a chess table that my Daddy built in his high school shop class. I treasure it! It is currently being restored, and I can't wait to get it back!

Mrs. H. said...

That's great Kerri! We have so many things in common. :-)