Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Teen Room ReDo! :-)

My teen daughter's room had gotten a little out of control since we moved into this house two years ago.  And when I say a little I am being nice. ;-)  Let's just say tidiness, cleanliness and organization are not as dear to her little heart as they are to mine and leave it at that.  

Did you know that one of the best ways to force ;-) reorganization and cleanliness is to paint??  Yep!  On Saturday afternoon, while my daughter was at the mall with a friend, I had had enough. I just flat out decided to stage an intervention. ;-) I knew she would never get her room looking good without a fresh start.  So...I took EV-ER-Y-THING out of her room and moved it into our living area.  And, I mean everything - off the walls, out of the closet, everything. Boy was she surprised when she got home!  On Sunday afternoon my husband painted her room "tree branch" brown - her choice.  It matches most of the rest of the house.  And I went shopping for some new bedding and curtains.  She requested white sheets and a white comforter and black curtains.   I got the t-shirt style sheets.  SO soft - she loves them.  (The curtains are the black-out kind that makes her room really dark and they will keep her room cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter as well.  This morning she had to wake up early to go to her babysitting job and she said it was so hard to get up because her room was black as night!  She also said that she had slept better last night than she has in a long time!)  She and I then spent ALL DAY yesterday wiping down her furniture, rearranging it as we put it back in her room, and going through everything before we put it back.  Nothing went back in her room that wasn't useful, beautiful or sentimental.  (We had several bags of trash and several bags to give away when we were done.)  I, of course, was in my element  sorting and purging.  My daughter not so much ;-) but she persevered.  She wanted to be finished!

I present to you, her new room.  We still have a few decorative items she'd like to get and we're searching pinterest for some cool things to do.  But, for now everything has a place and everything is in it's place.  Ahh!  Her "vision" for her room is for it to be peaceful and "earthy" so that's what we'll be looking to do.  I'm just glad it's clean and healthy again.  It was definitely worth a few days of work. :-)

This is all we have left.  A few bags of mementos, hair things, and jewelry that we have sorted and just need to decide how to display and/or store in her room.  She is enjoying her room so much already that I think even my messy girl might keep things a little more tidy!  I am hoping that we have set her up to be successful.  Here's to hoping. :-)


Suzanne said...

I'm getting ready to do the same with my 15 year old daughter's room. It gets out of control so quickly, doesn't it?

Anonymous said...

Just did this in my boys room yesterday! They keep it tidy, but NOT clean:( We started with the cobwebs on the ceiling and went through every drawer, sorted, purged the closet, wiped walls, washed all the bedding, dusted, washed curtains and window, and last but not least shampooed the carpets:) It feels so wonderful!!! Your daughters room looks lovely ♥ Love the warm earthy feel.

Lisa said...

Looks great! My 8 year old daughter usually needs help with her room too, and I like to do it when she isn't around. :-)