Friday, June 21, 2013

Nine Weeks - and some sad news :-(

The kittens are nine weeks old today!

Little Leche still thinks she should be nursing,
but I can tell Reeses is trying to discourage it.

Doesn't Leche just have the sweetest little face? :-)

Chiclet is always so serious, just watching and hunting.
He is starting to keep to himself more.
Which is kind of good.  He will be going to live out in the country 
with some friends of ours when he is twelve weeks old.

Chupa, above, and Leche will be staying with us.

We certainly couldn't give away Leche.
She is her Momma's girl for sure. :-)

Chupa says, "Please, no more pictures." ;-)

Our very sad news is that we lost Dulce earlier this week. 
She was my favorite and my son's favorite.
She was always very curious 
and wandered off on her own a lot.
Bless his heart, Mr. H. found her in the chicken yard.
We're not sure what happened, 
but I suspect Loretta got her.
Those kind of things happen we know,
but it sure doesn't make it any easier. :-(

And, I could tell that Momma knew that she'd lost one of her babies.
And that just broke my heart.