Saturday, June 8, 2013


If I had to pick my favorite thing about summertime,
it would probably be the little walks I take first thing in the morning when I go outside.

And, I really do mean first thing.  
I go outside even before I get dressed,
still in my nightgown and robe!
This isn't a work time, 
I do that later after breakfast.

This is just walking around in the cool, quiet.
Long before anyone else in my house wakes up.

This is how I found the kittens this morning.
All sound asleep on the porch.
Evidently a pile of tools and work gloves make a cozy bed. ;-)

Oh, look at those sweet, sleepy eyes. 

They were seven week old yesterday.

We just love these little guys so much!

Over in my cutting garden the zinnias are starting to bloom.

The colors are so pretty and it's been a surprise every morning
this week to see which ones are opening up.

You can come along with me as I check them out this morning...

Have a beautiful day! :-)


Deb said...

I would get absolutely nothing done if I had those kittens around me. I mean NOTHING! Enjoy those sweet babies and I hope they get wonderful homes. Deb

Farrah said...

Early summer mornings are my favorite too! Your kittens are precious!

Terri said...

Love your kittens, zinnias and chickens! I've never lived anywhere we can grow zinnias. Their leaves always have powdery mildew. We're left with a plant that looks half-dead and a lovely flower.