Tuesday, January 7, 2014

The Simple Woman's Daybook

 ~January 7, 2014~

Outside my window…it is dark.  The animals have been fed, the heat lamps are on, and all is quiet.

Praising God…for the life of a sweet child at my school and the courage and calmness a co-worker displayed today in a time of panic.

In prayer for…the family of a dear friend of mine that passed away last month.

I am thinking…about spring!

I am thankful…for each new day.

In the kitchen…I'm making wintertime comfort food.

I am wearing…my flannel owl pjs.

I am creating…knit boot cuffs that are suddenly all the rage. :-)

I am going…to bed early tonight.

I am wondering…how many more students I will register tomorrow at work?  This first week back after the break has been very busy.

I am reading…not much right now.  Not a lot of extra time. 

I am hoping…to be in bed before nine tonight.  I am tired!

I am looking forward to…the weekend.  Of course. ;-)

I am learning…to persevere when my heart is heavy.

Around the house…it's not as picked up as usual because I tend to be a little on the lazy side when Mr. H. is out of town. 

I am pondering…this new year.

A favorite quote for today…"Everyone smiles in the same language."  I want to get this printed for my office at work.  I often register foreign students and I try to remember that even if they don't understand me, they will understand a smile. :-)

One of my favorite things…is life!  Everyday, no matter good or bad, is a blessing. 

A few plans for the rest of the week…are to pick up the house ;-) and make it till Friday!

A peek into my day…the view from my computer desk.

This was my Christmas present this year. 
The "unique" people that built this house 
put in a fireplace...
without a chimney.  


So we couldn't burn real logs...without a chimney,
and when we used the ceramic logs that were in the fireplace
with our propane (no natural gas line out here) 
it would make us sick within 10 minutes... 
without a chimney.

So, Mr. H. got me this electric fireplace insert.
Now don't judge! ;-)
It's warm.  It's pretty.  You turn it on with remote control for pete's sake! Ha!
And I have LOVED it!
Hey, you do what ya gotta do. :-)

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Lover of Sangria and Sunsets (yes, together) said...

Love the daybook. What a treat to see into a small slice of another woman's life. Thanks for sharing. And I love the fireplace.

Anonymous said...

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