Saturday, January 24, 2015

Hey Baby Let's Go to Vegas!

I got to tag along with Mr. H. for a very quick trip to Las Vegas this week!
We had the most wonderful time.  
We went for Mr. H. to attend SHOT show at the Sands Expo Center.

We flew out Wednesday evening at 6:30 pm 
and arrived back home at 10:30 pm Friday!
A "52 hour date"!  Haha!

We stayed at the Paris Las Vegas and it was very nice!
Mr. H. picked it out for me.  He did good. :-)

We even had a beautiful view!

Bright and early Thursday morning we headed over to the convention center,
picked up our badges, and walked in just as they were opening the doors.

I met Jim Shockey!

Eight hours, 17,860 steps, and 7.87 miles later...
(we had our pedometers set on our phones to see just how much we walked!)
we were done with Day 1!

As the sun was setting, we headed back to the hotel to get ready for dinner.
There was a PF Changs next door to the hotel at the Miracle Mile Shopping center.
It's definitely our favorite and we don't have one at home, 
so dinner was an easy decision!

After dinner we stopped to see the Bellagio fountains go off,
and then went back to the hotel.
There we were at the Las Vegas Strip and we were asleep before 9:00 pm! Ha!

Day 2 started again at Cafe Belle Madeleine.
Oj and bran muffin for the healthy girl.
Cappuccino and a croisant for Mr. H. ;-)

And again we got to the show just as the doors opened.
After about 3 hours Mr. H. had seen all he planned to see this trip
and the last two hours before we left for the airport were reserved
for lunch and a little sightseeing. 

I told Mr. H. I didn't care where we ate lunch,
I just wanted to eat outside!  
The weather was just beautiful - sunny and about 60 degrees.
A little cool in the shade, but perfect in the sunshine.

We chose Mon Ami Gabi right next to the hotel.

It was wonderful!

While we ate we enjoyed the fountains across the street 
and street musicians playing guitars right in front of the restaurant. 

Giada's restaurant was near by as well,
but it was a ~little~ out of our price range. ;-) 

We walked around a bit after a lunch.

I made some new friends. :-)

And, then it was time to say goodbye and head home!

I had wanted to get a picture at the famous Las Vegas sign while were there,
but it wasn't near our hotel and I couldn't justify paying for a taxi ride just for a picture, 
so it didn't happen this trip.
When we saw this gift shop at the airport Mr. H. and I laughed 
that this would have to do!

We had such a good time, 
but I was definitely starting to miss my babies, my chickens, 
my green grass and my fresh country air!

It was a wonderful quick trip,
and the absolute best part 
was spending 52 uninterrupted hours with Mr. H. - my best friend!


Jana Hinkle said...

thank's for the beautiful pictures of the strip where i live.

Farrah said...

Fun! You look so pretty. My husband took my son to a shot show when he was 13. 7 years later my son went to sign himself up for the Army and is now deployed.