Tuesday, June 23, 2015

~Update on the Flock~

I spent an hour or so in "chicken therapy" this morning after my walk,
and realized I hadn't updated on the flock since I got my first leghorn egg

This is a new addition to the coop and was made by Mr. H.
It's the best chicken waterer ever!
The waterer holds several days worth of CLEAN water.

It's really awesome.  The chickens figured it out right away.

The slightest touch on the little poultry nipples gives a stream of water to the hens.

The girls are all doing well!
We had a little photo shoot this morning while I was sitting in the coop with them.
They all posed for me. :-)

Dottie West, the Rhode Island Red

Anne Murray, the White Leghorn 

Charlie McClain, the Welsummer

Jessi Coulter, the Silver Laced Wyandotte

and Crystal Gayle, the Golden Laced Wyandotte

I get a dozen eggs about every three days.
Good job girls! :-)

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