Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Heritage Schoolhouse is Eight Years Old!

Eight years ago today, May 4, 2008, I was sitting home alone one evening, under the weather if I remember correctly, and I started a blog called Heritage Schoolhouse.

So...on the eighth anniversary of Heritage Schoolhouse I thought I'd come back to this long neglected place. :-) I can't believe the last blog post I wrote was back in July!  

Since that time I've been blessed, and busy, and challenged, and tired, and working, and playing
and of course cooking and baking ;-)
and time just got away from me.

And, I sure have missed posting here!

So, I'm back and here are a few pictures of what's been going on around here lately...

I have four chickens right now.

A Rhode Island Red,

a Silver Laced Wyandotte,

a Gold Laced Wyandotte,

and a Welsummer. 

I love my chickens!

I lost my favorite cat, Reese's, several months ago and it just broke my heart,

but thankfully, I still have her baby PB.

I got some ducks again!
We named them Buttercup and Honeysuckle.

Butter and Honey for short. :-)

And Miss Daisy will be nine this summer. 

I bake when ever I get the chance.

And we have a little bit of a garden growing this spring - 
tomatoes, peppers and squash.

My kids are growing like weeds!  They're 16 1/2 and almost 19!

And Mr. H. is still the most handsome fellow around. :-)

I'm happy to be back! 


Ginny Kass said...

Glad you are back too.

Kelli said...

Nice to visiting with you again, Mrs. H!