Thursday, November 17, 2011

Love at first read...

I am not much of a cookbook "cooker". 
Don't get me wrong, I do love cookbooks and have lots of them.
But when it comes to cooking tried and true,
I usually turn to one of just a few sources -
cooking blogs, and good 'ol hand me down recipes.

I love to thumb through fancy, glossy library cookbooks,
and do so often for inspiration and ideas.
But I've found that lots of the fancy cookbook recipes
just seem to fall short of tried and true down home favorites.
At least for me and my family, and the way we eat. :-)

That is until I brought THIS cookbook home from the library.
I couldn't believe it as a flipped the pages...
there were recipes in this book that had been in my family for years!
Right down to each ingredient.  
And any recipe that wasn't familiar, 
I wanted to try -
right that very minute! :-)

The author was born and raised in Alabama,
but I have found out after reading this cookbook
that southern Alabama cooking is very similar to Texas cooking.

From the day I brought it home, my son kept begging me to make the
 meal pictured in the bottom right hand corner of the cover.

One evening I did.
The fried chicken tenders and come back sauce??
HUGE hit.
The chicken recipe was so easy you wouldn't believe it.
Other than the chicken, it has two ingredients!!

I'm not telling what the ingredients are -
you'll have to get the cookbook to find out. :-)

I also have tried the corn chowder.
I think the author loves corn as much as I do. ;-)

And, this??
This is a chocolate cobbler.
I promise the ingredients are always in your pantry.

I plan to cook my way through this entire book. 
Stayed tuned.  :-)


Anonymous said...

Lovely looking eats! It's wonderful to find a cookbook that has many good recipes:)

Donna said...

Looks wonderful...your photography skills really show off the food! It's making me hungry! :)