Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Winter Wonderland

I guess March came in like a lion this week. :-)

We woke up this morning to more icy weather and another delayed start to school.

While the car was warming up,
 I took a little time before I left for work 
to snap a few pictures of how pretty everything looked covered in ice.

Almost magical.

I even thought our trash cans looked pretty. ;-)


Cooking Up Faith said...

How beautiful! The weather has been crazy this year! We are just not used to this cold here where we live.

It's been fun...but I'm ready for Spring! :)

Mrs. H. said...

Oh, me TOO!

Lover of Sangria and Sunsets (yes, together) said...

I wasn't the only one out snapping shots before work. Yours are lovely .

Mrs. H's mom said...

Lovely pictures. We did not have school yesterday but it all cleared up during the day. Sun shinning today but still cold. We are keeping Ashley's little dog this week. Ya'll be careful out there. I too am ready for Spring.