Monday, April 14, 2014

Merle Wins Big

Spring time means stock show time around here and this year my daughter showed her Duroc Merle.

He started out back in November not much bigger than his feeding trough.

But he grew and grew.

At weigh in he was 238 pounds and looking really good.

We had high hopes for him,
but you never know what the competition will be like
or what the judge will think.

Resting up before the show.

And there they go!

Look at that show girl!  Keepin' one eye on the judge. :-)

Merle did really well in the ring, too. 

And that right there is the smile of getting penned!  She's in the top three!

Merle placed second and we were all so happy!

Even little bro was proud.

Momma and Daddy were pretty excited, too!

Two days later was the premium auction and time to get all cleaned up and ready again.

And Merle did great!  He earned the big bucks for my daughter.

A lot of hard work paid off.

A big hug to say good bye.
And always a few tears.

Merle was a good pig.

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