Monday, April 14, 2014

Update on the Ducks

If you remember my daughter got Donald and Daffy, the little mallard duckings, back in October.

She raised them in a pen until they were old enough to fly and then we let them free range with the chickens.  Just a few weeks after their first "Ducks Day Out", Daffy flew off and never returned.
But, Donald, has hung around.

We've decided he thinks he's a chicken. ;-)
 They've all gotten along just fine for months.
He particularly likes to follow Taylor Swift, my Austrolorpe, around.
We hardly ever see one of them without the other.

But then, two things happened this week.
One was so neat and one was so very sad.

Mr. H. came in a few days ago and said, "You don't have a chicken right now that lays white eggs, do you?"  I said, "No, what are those?"

You guessed it!  Duck eggs!  Donald isn't a boy after all. ;-)

Unfortunately, also this week (and I'm sure it's NOT a coincidence)
right after Donald (Daisy? haha) started laying eggs
the chickens started to peck at her.

Mr. H. found her yesterday morning huddled against the back of our house 
seemingly lost and disoriented.

Her eyes had been pecked out so badly that we couldn't even really see them. :-(

Mr. H. applied some ointment to them and we put her in her little wading pool.

She seemed to be doing okay.

And the chickens were minding there own business.

But then, this morning, Mr. H. caught Carrie Underwood, the Americauna,
pecking at the poor duck's eyes again so he moved her, the old little pet porter that she has been laying her eggs in and her wading pool into our front yard fenced in area so the chickens can't get to her.

We are hoping she will recover.
We're just going to keep a close watch on her and give her the best care we can.

Of course Miss Daisy is very concerned and I have to almost drag her back inside after she goes out in the front to potty. :-)

It's always something around here! ;-)


Mary said...

Oh, that is so sad, poor thing. I hope she will be alright.

Mrs. H. said...

Thank you, me too!