Sunday, February 22, 2009

Supper Menus
February 23rd-28th

Jessica Simpsons chicken and dumplings, baby carrots, buttered corn, lettuce and tomato salad
Aunt J's spicy crock pot spaghetti, ceasar salad, garlic breadsticks
pot roast, home style macaroni and cheese, lettuce and tomato salad, dinner rolls
fajitas, spanish rice, refried beans
homemade pizza, brownies
out for supper


Lady Farmer said...

Hello Mrs. H,
You are always so very organized with your meal planning. I do have a couple of questions. Where do you get your ideas for your menus? How often do you repeat your weekly plan? And what do you do with left-overs?

Renee said...

I'm also having pot roast & spaghetti this week. And I wish I was having fajitas & homemade pizza too! Your menu sounds great!

Mrs. H. said...

Hi Lady Farmer,
My ideas just usually come from what I am in the mood for, what my husband or children have mentioned wanting, and what the weather is like outside. I love to cook seasonlly and I tend to be very picky about what "I think" goes together! ;-) haha
I hardly ever repeat a complete week of menu plans - if I do, I probably didn't realize it! ;-) I am thinking, though, after I have a years worth of menu plans on my blog (that will be in a little over two months!) that I might go back and use those weeks. Leftovers are easy at my house. We homeschool and my husband works from a home office, so anything left over from the night before is easily heated up for lunch. That is why you don't see leftover meals scheduled into my menu plan. :-)
Have a good day Lady Farmer! :-)

Hi Renee,
Great minds think alike! ;-)